Businesses, like living beings, are constantly driven by their inherent instincts to survive, grow, sustain and flourish. The concept of an enterprise operating like a living, breathing organism has been explored for several decades now.

Today's market conditions can either stimulate enterprises to navigate to their next innovation, to their next advantage, to their next business model or wilt them to a premature demise. In such a dynamic market, we help our clients transform their organizations to become a thriving Live Enterprise by augmenting their core digital capabilities, advancing their operating models and transforming their talent for the future. This helps them be resilient by responding to market disruptions effectively without interrupting their core business performance. Our Digital Navigation Framework paves the way for this transformation with vital digital capabilities at its core, surrounded by a robust operating model and empowered people to help enterprises in their journey to Being Resilient. That’s Live Enterprise.


Infosys Research

Exclusive report on the impact of digital disruption across industries.


Trailblazers Talk

Watch this series of interviews in which our leaders host Trailblazers from our ecosystem.

“I wanted to move from being more of an academic to being more of an actor in the space of higher education, trying to bring the advantages of great research universities to bear on the lives of so many more people than I had originally been able to do.”

Nicholas Dirks, President and CEO of New York Academy of Sciences

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